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FREE comprehensive lighting energy review and evaluation of your organization’s existing lighting systems.

FOS’s energy evaluator will perform a close examination of your current lighting setup and present your business with an extensive lighting evaluation report including evaluating changes and a careful breakdown of your existing lighting energy utilization and current expense. FOS LED will compare the current lighting energy expenses and power consumption of your existing lighting and the LED alternatives available. We will explain the LED lighting energy retrofit solutions accessible to you at truly NO COST to you whatsoever – a FREE lighting evaluation.

FREE lighting energy review – Reduce your energy use by 50-90%!

At FOS LED, you’ll receive expert analysis done by professionals. FOS is so certain we can reduce your energy use by 50-90% that we give this lighting evaluation with NO commitment whatsoever! We could evaluate your current lighting energy setup and needs and you won’t believe the lighting energy you are currently wasting annually with your existing compact fluorescent tube lights (CFL’s) and incandescent light fixtures. We have extensive knowledge of all the energy rebates and incentive programs from local agencies as well as most local utility companies. We have LED lighting solutions for every application imaginable, so let our energy auditors assist your business in receiving the most energy savings possible.

In creating your FREE Encore LED evaluation report we analyze:

What traditional lighting setup do you have currently and what current maintenance

What possible LED savings will work for you – retrofitting or new LED fixtures

ROI – What Return On Investment you would realize

Time on break even – a detailed breakdown of when you can break even with your upgrade costs and when the monthly savings will start schedule and evaluation now and learn more about LED lighting products.

Energy costs in the world continue to rise, placing ever-greater pressure on homes and businesses.

The energy you use to light up your offices, warehouses, gas stations, parking lots and factories is a large part of your carbon footprint. Our professional technicians are trained on how to use the latest technology to identify your business’s lighting energy-saving opportunities and problems. Once we diagnose your facility's energy consumption in the lighting evaluation, we will provide a report that outlines all of your energy-saving opportunities and the best LED lighting products to use. Our recommendations will reduce your energy bills, decrease maintenance costs and increase the value of your property. We look forward to saving your company a significant amount of money by retrofitting your current fluorescent lighting (CFL) and incandescent light fixtures with state-of-the-art, energy-efficient, eco-friendly LSI Industries LED lighting solutions.

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