Imported copies of the Chamaeleon LED light have been removed from the Australian market following a successful prosecution by enLighten Australia, owners of the Chamaeleon LED light's Australian Innovation Patent. 

enLighten CEO Steve Cahill reports that the company's patent attorneys have successfully defended it's Australian Innovation Patent No. 2011 100 078 against two local companies.
Steve reflects on the win. "We are very proud of our IP (intellectual property) and will be active in protecting our Australian innovation from a growing number of copycat products that are being imported into the local lighting market."
"We invested over two years of R&D, in-field testing, customer trials and building manager feedback into the Chamaeleon's unique design, which specifically takes into account compliance with the Australian standards and Building Code requirements."
"Some imported products offering a one size fits all solution are not delivering compliant lighting solutions in many cases."
What’s the risk & how should customers protect themselves?
If a company or building owner has infringing products installed in their premises, they may be required to pay compensation or remove the lighting.
Steve Cahill advises that to protect themselves, potential purchasers need to ensure that they are purchasing products that do not infringe any patent.
“We would recommend that confirmation is requested in sales contract documentation that the product supplied does not breach any patent.”