LED Flood Lamp
FOS LED Flood Lights fit for High Power View Lighting and No Heat Radiation, No Harm to Eyes and Skin, we have produced LED Outdoor Flood Lights, LED Solar Flood Lights, and LED Flood Light Bulbs. Comparing with traditional HPS, Mercury flood lights or halogen lamps, FOS LED flood lights save 60% - 90% electricity cost. Lifespan is 3 to 5 times than lifespan of HPS, metal halide and halogen floodlight. ...

LED Spot Light
FOS LED Spot Lights included base type of MR16,GU10,E27,E14,MR11,PAR20,PAR30 and PAR38. All of our LED spot lights are No RF interference or UV radiation, No flickering, good for human eyes. It’s over 80% energy saving than incandescent or halogen bulbs.

LED High Bay Lamp
FOS LED high bay (LED industrial lighting) save 50% to 80% electricity cost comparing with traditional HPS or mercury high bay lights, Lifespan is 3 to 5 times than lifespan of HPS, metal halide and halogen high bay and low bay lights, no maintain cost. Find High quality Outdoor LED High Bay and low bay Lightings with competitive price here!...

LED Tunnel Lamp
FOS LED Tunnel lighting can be directly connected with 85-264VAC power supply, there is no ultraviolet light, no infrared rays, no heat, and no radiation produced. Our LED tunnel lamp can also be powered with the optional solar panel kit; it’s a conventional green lighting source.

LED Street Light
FOS LED street lights Unlike sodium lights, do not require a time delay to reach optimum brightness levels, No glare or strobe effect, No dust absorption or yellowing, present the perfect and cost-effective solution for roadways, parking lots, residential streets, security, parking lots and other general area lighting applications.

LED Grow Light
FOS LED Grow Light are the most effective LED lights, A 90W LED UFO Grow Light produces as much light as a standard 400W High Pressure Sodium light. It’ Eco-Friendly, No Ballast Needed, Unlike HPS and Metal Halide lamps, LED grow lights do not contain filaments and other toxic metals which are difficult to recycle and harmful to the environment, we offer a wide selection of the highest quality, best price of LED Grow Lights.

LED Strip
Our LED Strip lights is secure and reliable, Easy to install and maintain; can be cut and linked as per clients’ requirement, wide various of waterproof and nonwaterproof 3528 LED strip, 5050 LED strip, Auto LED strip lights, Widely used in various abnormal curved outline, showcase, backlight products, indoor decoration, residential, holiday and festival decoration, etc.

LED Ceiling Light
With benefits of safe, no flash, no IR or UV, and not harmful for human body, our LED ceiling spotlight/LED down light is widely used in super markets, hotels, taverns, night clubs, disco halls, karaoke rooms, coffee houses, banks, meeting rooms, exhibition halls, exhibition wardrobes, show windows, living houses, boat lighting, accent lighting, display case lighting, under cabinet lighting and art lighting.

LED Fluorescent Tube
Comparing with traditional fluorescent tubes, our LED T5, LED T8, LED T10, LED T12 and LED Plug-in tube lights can save 70% to 90% electricity cost. For example, our 9W, 15W, 18W LED fluorescent tubes can replace 16W, 36W and 40W traditional fluorescent tubes, LED tubes do not need ballast or starter, It save another 7-14W.

LED Bulbs
Find Good quality and good heat dissipation LED bulbs here, included MR16, GU10, E27, E14, MR11,PAR20,PAR30 and PAR38, our high power LED bulbs light can save 85% - 95% electricity cost, for example, our 3W and 5W LED bulbs can replace 30W and 50W incandescent bulbs, No flickering, No UV, IR, lead and mercury,Eco-friendly.

LED Candle Light
We have produced both kinds of LED candle lights, one is Machined Aluminum Housing and 85 to 265V Input Voltage, another kind adopting modern hi-scientific electronic technology, matching with article and beautiful candle, which are suitable for various entertainment and mood sites, such as banquet, lighting party, birthday party, No UV or IR radiation, Energy efficient and environment-friendly

LED Controller
As a professional LED lighting manufacture, we provide various kinds of LED RGB Controller, LED DMX Controller, LED Digital Controller, LED Dimmer, LED Power Repeater, remote controller; they can control various LED Lightings.

LED Wall Washer
We have produced different kinds of High Power LED Wall Washer RGB with remote RGB controller, strong protection and good optical function, application for billboard, architecture, building walls, court, parking lot, gymnasium, dock, park, tree decoration, sculpture, or other indoor lighting.

LED TVs use innovative picture quality and LED backlighting in an energy-efficient and ultra slim design, eco-friendly, LED TVs compare with conventional CCFL-backlit LCD TVs is LED TVs can produce an image with greater dynamic contrast compared with CCFL-backlit LCD TVs. Generally have lower power consumption in the realm of 20-30%, lesser environmental pollution on disposal.

LED Desk Lamps
FOS LED Desk lamps use less power of LED and generate less heat. Lifespan of LED desk lights is much longer than traditional bulbs, with the benefits of efficient, bright, environmentally friendly, practical, Led Desk lights generate cooler light that is less harsh on the eye, looking directly into the light source doesn't cause yellow spots in the eye, very healthy to eyes.

LED Power Supply
Leading Manufacturer of high quality LED Power Supply and LED transformers, mainly included waterproof and nontwarproof Constant Current LED Driver, Constant Voltage LED Driver and Other Voltage Converter, pls contact us to get the best prices.

Welcome To Fosintl

FOS INTL CO., LTD. is a professional manufacturer which specializes in manufacturing, developing and research of LED products,LED power supply, indoor and outdoor illumination from China. FOS dedicate in reducing the lighting energy use and reducing polluting emmisions. With more than ten years of developments, With hard work and innovation, we have won a good reputation as one of the best quality and the largest suppliers in LED appliance field in China.

We implement ISO 9001:2000 quality management system and ISO 14001:2004 environment management system, and our products are CE-certified, RoHS-compliant and UL-listed.

We have produced various kinds of products which include LED indoor Flood Lights; LED Outdoor Flood Lights; LED Spot Lights GU10,E27,E14,MR11,MR16,PAR20,PAR30 and PAR38;LED High Bay Lightings; LED Tunnel Lamp; LED Street Light; LED Grow Lights; LED flexible Strip light(3528 LED strip;5050 LED strip); Auto LED strip lights; LED Ceiling Lights; LED Fluorescent Tube(T5,T8,T10,T12,LED Plug in);LED Bulbs; LED Candle Light; LED Controller; LED Wall Washer; LED TV;LED Desk Lamp; LED Power Supply that included waterproof Constant Current LED Driver and Constant Voltage LED Driver, high power LED etc, All of our products are deeply enjoyed in most European and American markets. We have rich experience in developing LED appliances while our customers give us some ideas about what they want.

Quality Warranty and Certificate

FOS provides the warranty for various LED lighting products and accessories, according as produts, the warranty is from 2years to 5years, FOS LED products has got European CE, RoHS certificates, all of our products meet the safety regulations according as the testing rules.

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    1. led bulbs 20500502
    2. led bulbs 20500502 Vibration-resistant, easy for transportation.  Different sockets are compatible, such as E27 etc.  Different light color for customers’ choices....
    1. led spot light  19500501
    2. led spot light 19500501LED Qty: 5 led Power:5*1w Input Voltage:AC 110V~240V(DC12V) Operating frequency: 50/60Hz Output Voltage:12v Lens Angle: 45° Size: φ50x96mm(MR16) ...
    1. led spot light  19500101
    2. led spot light 19500101LED Qty: 1 led Power:1*1w or 1*3w Input Voltage:AC 110V~240V(DC12V) Operating frequency: 50/60Hz Outut Voltage:12v Lens Angle: 70° ...
    1. LED bulbs 20500501
    2. LED bulbs 20500501The number of LED:5pcs Super Bright High Power LED Woking Voltage: AC 90V~160V ; AC190V~265V  LED Power: 5x1W Working Frenquency: 50/60Hz Angle: 180 degree ...
    1. LED bulbs 20500601
    2. LED bulbs 20500601The number of LED:6pcs Super Bright High Power LED Woking Voltage: AC 90V~160V ; AC190V~265V LED Power: 6x1W or 7x1W ...
    1. LED Grow light 90W/120W
    2. LED Grow light 90W/120W90W LED Grow Lamps Dimension: 400*212*62mm Voltage: AC85-265V LED Wattage: 90*1W LED Light Source Lumen Flux: 3800lm200lm ...