The latest round of the Department of Energy (DOE) energy standards for General Service Fluorescent Lamp Standard (GSFL) took effect on July 14, 2014, impacting the production of the 700 series T8 fluorescent lamps. These inefficient 700 series T8 lamps cannot be manufactured due to not meeting the efficacy standards. Fortunately the development team at Philips came up with an improved design for the 700 series lamps (designated with “HL” or high lumens in the ordering code).
These new Philips 700 Series T8 Lamps featuring ALTO II Technology are ideal for industrial and commercial applications, similar to the previous lamp types. The new lamps meet energy efficiency requirements while having the lowest mercury content in the industry. The lamps also offer outstanding performance featuring:
95% lumen maintenance and reduced lamp-end blackening              
89 lumens per watt
Although the lamps are technically released, we do not anticipate producing the new lamps until later in the year when we deplete stock of the current 700 series lamps.