LightFreq - the revolutionary new way to bring light and sound to your home - has today announced its US $50,000 Kickstarter goal has been reached within just four days of its official launch. With funding now secured, the LightFreq will now be going into production, with backers expecting to receive their LightFreqs by February 2015.  

Smartphone control options for Lightfreq . (LEDinside/LightFreq)

LightFreq offers anyone the opportunity to have color and music in their home in one simple, space-saving device, eliminating the need for wires around the house or office. LightFreq fits in any standard light fixture, and marries the elements of a light bulb, HD music player, dimmer switches and more, as it creates a totally customizable environment for your home or office.

Devon Alli, LightFreq Founder, comments "We're ecstatic with the reception this project has had on Kickstarter. The community has been overwhelmingly supportive of LightFreq, and we are so thankful they have allowed us to get underway with production. We can't wait to send LightFreqs out to backers, so they can start enjoying them as much as we have been!"

Color control options on LightFreq resemble Philips Hue. (LEDinside/LightFreq)

The LightFreq bulb can illuminate and funkify your surroundings, and is completely changeable to a user's fancy, thanks to an easy-to-use companion app. From your smart device you can control the level of light, volume, and any of the 16 million color options the LightFreq produces. As a truly smart bulb, LightFreq can adapt its speed, mood and more to the sounds you want to make, so even if you'd just like to stream sound via Bluetooth without the app, you can still enjoy a mood-enhancing lift wherever you chose to have it.

LightFreq also boasts some terrific additional features to enrich your life. You can sync it to your phone, so even if you've left your phone in another room, the LightFreq will change color to let you know if anyone is trying to get in touch. It also works as an intercom -simply speak into your smart device via the companion app, and be heard on any of the LightFreq bulbs in your home.

Color control options on LightFreq. (LEDinside/LightFreq)

Even more exciting functions are expected to be announced for the LightFreq as it goes into production, which will be revealed as the Kickstarter page continues to accumulate backers worldwide.