Lighting manufacturer LED Waves has a released a case study in partnership with an industrial equipment distributor. This client provides lighting for energy supply companies across the U.S. As their operations often take place in hazardous environments, users require luminaires that are shatterproof and able to withstand all weather conditions over long periods of time with little maintenance. These factors, coupled with the enhanced visibility and efficiency of LED technology, make a partnership with LED Waves particularly valuable for this industry.

While initial costs are the main obstacle in adopting LED replacements for residential and commercial buildings, the industrial sector is distinguished by its traditional use of High Intensity Discharge (HID) lighting. HID technology (which includes metal halide, mercury vapor and high/low pressure sodium lamps) is associated with high prices due to the niche market. This allows new industrial LED lights to emerge as a more competitively priced lighting solution – more so than in any other sector.
In this case study, a 200 Watt LED flood light from LED Waves represents the median option in terms of initial price among similar outdoor luminaires carried by this distributor. Coupled with the lowest Wattage consumption (compared to 1000W HPS and MH) and a benchmark operating life of 50,000 hours without bulb replacements, it also represents the lowest overall cost of ownership.
In addition to saving money on energy and maintenance, the LED floods improve safety with higher nighttime visibility. With a Color Rendering Index of 80 at 5,000K (compared to the average CRI 30 at 2,500K from HID technology) the units transmit a daylight white quality of illumination.
The LED floods used in the above case study are certified LED Lighting Facts Products® listed by the DesignLights Consortium. This qualifies participating commercial and industrial lighting projects for energy rebates, allowing buyers to reach a faster return on investment. Distributor pricing and other discounts by quantity are available by calling 1(800)986-0169.