Key Specifications of FOS LED Street lights 200W:

Input voltage: 85 to 160V AC or 200 to 260V AC; DC24V
LED type for FOS LED street lights: High power LED 
Power factor: >0.9
Power consumption: 200W
Luminous: 60Lm/W~100Lm/W
Color temperature: 2,700 to 7,000K
Light efficiency: >90%
Working temperature of light: -40℃~55℃
Rendering index: 60Ra~90Ra
Lifespan of LED: >50,000 hours
Features of LED road lamps/LED street lights 200W:
Use 2 pieces of single powerful LED (200W) as the light source, with our own intellectual property rights for LED encapsulation. Utilize the special design of multichip single module. Choose the imported high brightness semiconductor chips.
Anodic oxidation aluminum heating body, the LED is closely connected to the crust. The heat from LED will be removed through the heat dissipation; it ensures the life-span of the lights.
The lights were sealed by age resistant and high temperature resistant silicone rubber, which makes the heat sink, end cap and the glass combined perfectly with each other. The surfaces were passed the treatment like anodic oxidation and plastic spraying. It can meet the requirement of IP65.
Equipped with light distribution system which we have owned the patent and ultra white high flux wove high intensity tempered glass, which makes our lights’ range of irradiation, luminance meet the demands of the “The level of city road light design”, it show the advantage of LED light in a more clear way. Compared with the traditional sodium lamp, it can save more than 60% electricity.
No ill glare; No frequently flash. It can eliminate the ill glare, vision fatigue and disturbance. Aroused by traditional streetlight and also can improve the safety of the driving
No delay start; No waiting. It can reach its normal light as soon as it is turned on. And avoid the long time start process of the traditional lights.
Environment friendly. Do not have lead, hydrargyrum and any other contamination. No pollution to the air.
It’s an excellent partner of the solar panel system. It can exert many merits such as working with direct current and lower voltage. It is power saving and environment friendly. The connection of the solar panel and LED light source provide a high reliability, a best feature and a reasonable prize to the clients.
Application of LED Street lights 200W:
City streets, pavements, squares, schools, parks, yards, inhabitancy area, factories and some other places where need lighting.