Product Description

Human body induction led tube 3-18W with SMD2835
General Description
3-18W human body induction double T8 tube is application of new LED light source, 
Infrared sensor, high thermal conductivity aluminum lamp housing and radiator, high efficiency 
PC cover, high efficiency, constant current and constant voltage source research and 
Development of high photosynthetic efficiency of green lighting products. And traditional T5 
Tube contrast, this product has intelligence, high efficiency, safety, energy saving, 
Environmental protection, long life, fast response speed, high color rendering index unique 
Advantages. Can be widely applied to the office, corridor, museum and other parts of lighting, is 
An alternative to traditional, high energy light optimal scheme. And factories, schools, 
And other indoor lighting is the best choice. 
1. With human body induction, when ambient temperature is 25 degree, the induction distance is 
2-7 meters, the induction range of 120 ° . 
2. The use of independent intellectual property rights of the LED, compared with the 
Traditional equal brightness T8 tube energy-saving more than 65%. 
3. The radiator and lamp shell integration design, LED directly with shell closely connect with 
Cooling, fully guarantee the LED life. 
4. The lamp adopts aluminum alloy die-casting molding, can effective heat dissipation, 
Waterproof, dustproof, waterproof level through the IP20 standard. 
5. Activated without delay, power that is the normal brightness, without having to wait for a 
Long time, the elimination of the traditional lights start process. 
6. Green pollution-free, no lead, mercury or other elements of environmental pollution. 
7. Selection of wide input voltage, high efficiency, constant current and constant voltage 
Switching power supply. 
The office, corridor, sitting room, dining-room, kitchen, study, jewelry store, image gallery, 
Museum, exhibition hall and hall lighting.