Features of LED controller:
Flexible lighting can be realized by anyone who spends only s a few minutes to learn according to operation introduction. DMX-512 is cheap in price and strong in functions. There are more than 4000 scenes stored in case of offline run. Allow receiving and sending of 512 signals. The controller is flexible in use when it is used with relevant accessories of our company. The offline run among 512 controllers ensures the adjustment and application in large stage and large billboards.
 .Small size, light and easy to carry.
 .Meet DMX-512/1990 International Standard Protocol. 512 returns and 3XLR common interface output standard DMX512 signals.
 .Any perform chases are allowed to be loaded in the controller which can memorize eight 9 perform chases.
 .Allow independent adjustment of speed, fade and flash frequency and automatic memory to dmx512 dimmer
 .Allow synchronic regulation of more than one lights and support sound control flash.
 .Easy system chasing. It takes only 2 minutes to perform lighting. Suite for LED lighting.
.Perfect programming function of LED lights and various built-in effects are extremely suitable for the controlling of LED lights.
 .One-key smart function can give any pattern, scene and channel value.
 .Great timing function supports as much as 350 groups of outputting and can output any pattern or scene at the year around.
 .“One step and one scene” function. Support easy manual and auto scene alter.
.Controlled by DMX512 and RS232 signals. Allow flexible alter of internal scene and perform chase.
 .Online operation of more than one controller. Wireless extension return. Work synchronically. Suit for video display.
 .USB interface is connected to DMX controller. Convenient for portable computer and site adjustment.
 Support offline run. Friendly human-machine interface in case of offline run. LCD window.
 System is very stable and ensures to save your work.