Features of LED Christmas light(curtain light):
it is a kind of flash lighting curtain-like reticulation consists of colorful LED lamps. With its high advantages of low power consumption, flexibility and durability, it is pretty suitable for festival embellishment and house decoration used indoor and outdoor.

The bulb could be with a special mould shaped plastic shell in shapes of heart, diamond, star, cherry etc., which will make the light string look more vivid and DOT your lives colorful and beautiful.

Curtain Light is designed for large area lighting decorations for wall, windows, ceiling and across the street, with user friendly end connectors for inter-connection between different sets to create a fantastic combined lighting display.

24V Curtain Light with IP44 transformer is suitable for outdoor use, available in black, green, white and transparent cables as well as clear, red, green, white, blue and multi color bulbs.

240V Rubber Cable Curtain Light uses the best quality rubber cable confirming the latest EU GS/CE standards, is shock-proof, totally waterproof, and extremely safe for various outdoor lighting applications.

LED Curtain Light, a better choice compared with the traditional rice bulb twinkle light:

1 Rich in color display, with super bright LEDs for all colors
2 With an average LED bulb life of over 100, 000 hrs, 10 times than that of rice bulb
3 Low working temperature and low heat emitting
4 Solid in bulb structure, bulbs not easy broken like the traditional glass bulbs
5 Extremely low in power consumption, great for energy saving
6 No color fading like from the traditional glass bulbs
Application: Mainly used as star hotels,hall, restaurants, malls. It is also part of lighting projects where festival lights are needed.