Features of LED fluorescent LightsT5:
LED fluorescent light has a delicate shape, replacement of common fluorescent tube, it’s doesn’t needs to change circuit; adopt aluminum alloy as base, the shine side uses PC tube(transparent PC, ivory white frosted PC and strip PC available)
The picture is aluminum + transparent PC, diameter is φ26mm.
18090305                           5 W                        300 mm                              T5
18090610                         10 W                        600 mm                              T5
18091218                         18 W                       1200 mm                             T5
18091520                         20 W                       1500 mm                             T5
Lamp Warranty: 3 Years
Low Power Consumption: In-between 5~18 Watts
Long Operating Life: : White LED 30,000+ Hours (2.7+ Years)
Solid Construction: UV-Stabilized Plastic Lens, Aluminum Body
Installation: Designed as a Direct Retrofit into Most Fluorescent Lamp Fixtures Using Existing Sockets. Installation requires line voltage to bypass ballast/transformer/starter directly to fluorescent sockets.
Even Lighting: High Intensity / No Halation
Safety Assurance: RoHS & CE Compliant