Key Specification of LED Portable Lighting System:

Die-casting lampshade
High-purity aluminums reflector
Encapsulated integrated high powerful LED light source
Lithium battery packs
Smart protecting system
Triangle extensile bracket
Aluminum outer package 


Feature and Benefits of LED Portable Lighting System:

The perfect combination between the integrated LED light source and lithium battery pile. It makes up to the mobile lighting system which is environmental friendly. It is light and easy to install or take off.
The bracket is changeable and, it can be circumgyrated for 360°, and it can be used freely.
The system can work in two kinds of states, one is in strong lighting in which it lasts for more than 10 hours, and the other one is working under weak lighting sate which can work more than 20 hours.
The driver lithium pile which is equipped with stable current system can keep it work in a safe state. It is very useful to use it and it can be used in a long life-span.
Use single powerful LED as the light source.  It has stable controlling power source. With the characters of high heat conductivity, low luminous decay, pure light color and no ghosting.
The cover of the lamp prevents the electric part from lighting part. The lighting part is closely related with the lamp-house, and outer heating sink works in an efficient way. It keeps the long life-span of the power supply and lamp-house.
The reflector’s design which is wide beam and high -purity aluminum. And its irradiation range is improved a lot and it makes sure the light work in a right way.


Application of LED Portable Lighting System:

The mobile lighting system of solid free charge is widely used in prizing the stones , positioning detonator, brickwork , night working, maintenance ,emergency repair, army working against the disasters, railways, electric power, police offices and some other places where needs portable lighting. It's eligible for lighting in all kinds of emergent situations. 


Supply Ability of LED Portable Lighting System/LED DJ lights: 10,000sets per month.

Payment Terms LED Portable Lighting System: T/T in advance; Western Union; Moneybookers

Lead Time of LED Portable Lighting fixture: 10 - 25 days

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