Feature of 3528 LED Strip Light: 


Ultra-bright LEDs are low voltage, low heat, low power consumption

Highly flexible circuit board with integral 3M© hi-bond adhesive tape can be applied to most accessible surfaces

Modular plug-in strips to make multi-foot runs and direct plug-in to power supplies and interconnections

Stable voltage and state of the art LED driver technology ensures consistent illumination levels

Optional aluminum mounting channel with clear and diffused lens covers that snap into the channel without tools (sold separately - see accessories)

No ultra violet (UV/IR) radiation, No mercury

RoHs compliant, eco-friendly

Dry location installation


Technical Details and Specifications:


Product Name          :    3528 Flexible LED strip

Color Temperature    :     3000K - 6000K

Lumen (Brightness)    :     2500 lumen per reel / 152 lumen per foot

Quantity per unit        :     Sold per meter(or foot)

UL Listed?               :     Yes. Must be used with Class 2 Power unit

Working Voltage         :     12v DC 

Dimmibility               :      Fully Dimmable

Beam Angle                :     120 Degrees

Can they be cut?       :     Can be cut every third LED

Power consumption    :     2.92 watts per foot

UV emission               :     No

LED Count per reel      :    600 LEDs

Maximum run length     :     32 feet continuous run



These LED Strips are sold by the METER OR FOOT.


Why do FOS have the brightest LED strip lights?


1.   FOS Series use 600 LEDs per reel. 

 -Some sell the LED light strips with ONLY 150 or 300 LEDs per reel. If they have 600 also, look at the lumen.


2.   Very high Lumen count per foot

 -Lumens are the measurement if light perceivable to the human eye. In other words, it's the brightness. Our LED strip lights are brighter than others in their class. Though two strips may look the same, look at the specifications to see what the lumen output is. That is the most important.


3.   FOS LED strip lights use the highest quality materials.

 -Our LED strips use the best PCB boards, resistors, and 3528 LED chips. CE, RoSH, and UL listed LED strip lighting proves proof of quality. All products come with a 2 year warranty.

These LED strip lights can be cut and installed to any application:

-Under Cabinet Kitchen Lights        -Inside Signs

-Display Cases      -Behind pictures

-Under Kickboards       -Back yard arbours 

-LED club light       -Under cars LED light

-Bar top LED light        -TV backlighting

-Anywhere that needs fully submergible

LED strip lights      -bridges and buildings


Which LED strip light solderless connectors will I need?   


Male/female Connectors


Wow these are bright! What do I do if I want to dim my LED strip lights?


 All LED strip lights are dimmable. The Colorbright series LED strips can be dimmed either through our dimmers below [PWM dimming], or by a wall dimmer


To dim the lights you have two options:


1.   If you plan to dim your LED strips using a wall dimmer, you need a dimmable driver. This driver itself will be dimmed from the switch.


2.   If you do not plan to dim the lights from a wall switch and want to dim them with one of our dimmers, you will need a non-dimmable LED driver. Why? The driver will not be used to dim the lights. The dimmer installed after the lights will do the dimming.


What else should I know about LED strip lights?


1.   How long will the LED lights last?

Our warm white LED strip lights are rated at 50,000 hours. Thats a long time. That 50,000 hour mark does not mean the LED strip lights will shut off. It means that they will reach 70% luminosity.  If you are using these for 12 hours a day, they will last over 11 years. These  led strip lights last much longer than incandescent and fluorescent lighting options.


2.   Where are my LEDs being shipped from?

All products are shipped directly from China.


3.   LED Strip Light Power Usage Calculator - Which power supply do I need?

Pls contact us to get details.


4.   How do I install LED Strip lights?

Just use our male/female connetors.



Looking for LED strips but you need more info?


1.   TOP 4 need to know facts about LED strip lights before purchasing


-Beware of inexpensive LED strip lights. There are many ranges of quality at many price points. Educate yourself before buying and be confident with FOS LEDs strip lights


2.   Warranty Information :  2 year limited warranty